Mind Blossoms School was established in the Year 2010. Started as a Play School by Saawan B (founder) and Anil V(Co-founder). In 2012 we have upgraded to Primary School and Introduced XSEED methodology.In 2017 shifted to a new building which has spacious Class rooms, Library, English Language Lab and Indoor Play Areas.Since its establishment, the school has made continuous efforts to realize its vision and mission of nurturing “lively, inquiring, discerning and creative students”.  Appropriate measures have been put in place to develop an innovative and balanced curriculum, and a professional learning community among teachers.  The school rightly attaches importance to the pursuit of personal growth, aesthetic appreciation, a positive outlook and appreciation for others as the priority.

Following are the achievements in these years:

  1. All the teachers speak in English during their Classes. Teachers also encourage students to speak in English.
  2. Focuses more on English reading and Comprehension.
  3. Regular inspections have been done and given suggestions to the teacher’s to provide a better learning experience and quality outcomes.
  4. We supported, engaged and enabled our students to develop core Knowledge, skills and understanding through reflecting and Planning, thinking and working creatively, communicating and collaborating, Exploring, experimenting and creating new knowledge.
  5. We have shifted from the traditional assessments to CCE (Continuous comprehensive Evaluation) approach, which is more meaningful as per NCF-2005.
  6. We regularly conduct parent and child activities for Insight day to make sure parents spend some quality time to engage with their child in their creative learning process.
  7. We conduct Parent Teacher meetings to discuss on the Progress of the children and also the steps to be taken for the improvement of the School. Also taking feedback from the parents to improve quality continuously.
  8. We celebrate Colour Days, Festivals, etc. to make the children learn about the colors of life and also the importance of celebrating the festivals.
  9. We share ‘Monthly Activities’ with the Parents on a regular basis to provide better visibility for parents on what their children are doing in school.
  10. For Pre-primary sections, to make the child’s learning process more enjoyable we have introduced multimedia material for rhymes and storytelling.
  11. We have introduced Co-curricular activities like Dance, Arts & Crafts, and Drawing & Painting for the children.
  12. We have secured premises with CCTV Surveillance.
  13. Started English language lab in 2016 to focus more on Listening and Speaking Skills.
  14. Giving training to all the teachers in Communication Skills before we kick start every academic year.


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